What the duck?

I was ducked for the first time a week ago. All I needed was a few things from Canadian Tire, walk out and that’s what I come to…

Why can’t we just keep it to a wave of acknowledgment?
i also told them to keep that ducking stuff up the mall crawlers. leave the old jeeps alone.

my jeep hasn’t been out of the garage long enough to get ducked since this started. i’ll continue to wave at the older jeeps. and park next to a cj, yj, tj, when i see one. they are becoming increasingly rarer. and i currently live in Colorado
I've only gotten 1 duck so far. My group was on a trail and there was a JKU stuck. We helped recover it and the owner gave me a duck. I was polite and accepted it. Though I'm indifferent to the trend. Not something I look forward to or really understand.

I'd be happier with a painted rock or something. Maybe hand out beer cans? That would definitely be more appreciated.
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