What the duck?

The only good rubber duck is one that had been set on fire and burned up before it could be placed on its intended Jeep.

Ducking is wonderful. It is a great way to show appreciation of a fine looking rig, and the recipient should be flattered by the thoughtfulness demonstrated by the ducker. You should be grateful, very gratefulā€¦

(Get ready, here it comesā€¦.šŸ˜¬)

You sure have taken to ducking like a duck to water.
I've read Duck threads here, but I'm not sure of how it got started. Some seem to say that it's calling the recipient a Mall Crawler, and some act like it's more of a Jeep Wave. And I've read on some threads where it seems like a Running Gag between Jeepers.
I got a duck the other day, and I don't know whether to be grateful or insulted.
A little edumacation please.

Just last week I was ducked for the first time. Didn't know what to do...... A little anger because it knocked a small amount of dirt off of my hood. But it did make me laugh, so I'll accept it with gratitude. šŸ¤ 

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The only one I ever got was out of a little drive up burger and ice cream place in Disney, OK (not a mall parking lot within 60 miles). They actually handed it to me out the window with my food and said "nice Jeep". I handed it to my youngest (3 at the time) in the back seat.

At worst, it's a positive sign that the JK and JL crowd still has some appreciation for the "older stuff" like our TJs.
I was ducked the first time when I came out of a store a couple years ago and it was sitting there by the windshield... I wasn't sure how to react because I would never in a million years line them up on my dashboard, so I went home and gave it to my kids for the bathtub.

The second time was a few weeks ago and it was actually a neat experience: We were trail riding in the La Sal mountains near Moab and a Jeep was coming the other way. The driver put his arm out the window and I could tell he wanted to talk instead of just pass by. I stopped, and as he came closer I could tell he was holding a duck out the window. I thought to myself - oh boy, one of those people... be nice, be nice.

He stopped next to me and said that he had been given the duck earlier on the trail and wanted to pass it along to another Jeep. I said thank you and gladly took it. I kept that duck on my dash until the next day when I came across a young family stopped for lunch on the Onion Creek trail and passed it along to them.

In summary, I enjoyed the off-road ducking experience much more than the mall-crawler version.
Why are you leaving your plastic trash out in the woods?

I don't but where you think all that plastic goes? I pick up beer cans and other trash from strangers every time I'm out. Bunch of rubber ducks for no reason seems like a giant waste
Iā€™ve gotten ducked twice, they immediately became dog toys. Many Iā€™ve seen most with a row of ducks in their Jeeps around here are stock 4drā€™s. More reason to believe they duck themselves. If they couldnā€™t get any lamerā€¦
Ducking was started by an Alabamian-Canadian who had her feelings hurt while traveling from Alabama to her home province in Canada and some yocal saw her out of country plates and started cussing her dirty american crap.

So she bought rubber ducks and placed them in another jeep.


i only know this because my wheeling buddy is married to a Canadian. and when i was taking him into a Diesel JL. she pointed out that Ducking was a Canadian thing.
i also told them to keep that ducking stuff up the mall crawlers. leave the old jeeps alone.

my jeep hasnā€™t been out of the garage long enough to get ducked since this started. iā€™ll continue to wave at the older jeeps. and park next to a cj, yj, tj, when i see one. they are becoming increasingly rarer. and i currently live in Colorado