What was your first Jeep?

1986 CJ-7 Renegade

It was a hunk of junk but my dad and I spent the summer of my 16th birthday getting it roadworthy. Some of my favorite memories. I learned a lot keeping it on the road.

I sold it when I purchased my 2003 Rubicon - I still miss it though.
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I've owned 6, or did they own me? My first and all time favorite was my 82' Scrambler. Not sure who really owned it, my youngest son or me though.

I'm fortunate now to own a 05' TJR
Mine was a ‘91 YJ 2.5 manual with 200k. I was the accidental high bidder for it on eBay in 2003. I had to fly to Kentucky and drive it back to Texas. Had 33” bald tires and the back was full of old parts. It wouldn’t go more than 65 and by the time I got home I was hooked.

It only had the lap belt in the back seat and on every turn the kids and their car seats would fall over. The wife didn’t like that so I traded it for a ‘05 LJ. Wish I would’ve kept that one but now I am back to a 2000 2.5 manual.
Martynt74's post about his first Jeep made me think about mine: A '76 CJ7 with a 304 V8 and Quadratrac 4WD system. It was 1982 and I was 20, and all I wanted at the time (besides my girlfriend's smile) was a Jeep.

That girlfriend's smile faded, but not my affinity for Jeeps. There's been quite a few Jeep vehicles since then.

What was your your first Jeep?

1943 Ford GPW, wanted something old and slow for camping. Discovered it was a WWII Military, and also came across a 1944 Ford GPW, The 44 was dedicated to my dad's WWII units, 535th AAA-AW Btn, Utah Beach 6, June 1944 first tide, and then on 15, December his gun section was transferred the 395th IR of the 99th Div,

Just in time to take on the spear-tip of the Battle of the Bulge when it first started on the 16th. Battle for Hofen, Belgium.
(Google 395th IR Wikipedia, Defense of Höfen, and Awards)

Named Pig-Pen, this was taken during the Fall Colors Tour near Salida, Colorado, 13K + feet, and running better than any newer car :)

This went from an Interest all my life, to Historical Amazement, to a Passion, to an Obsession and remains as such.
(no therapy needed for this one 😂 )

God Bless our Veterans, past, present and future-


Fall Colors 2020 13K feet.jpg
55 Willys Station wagon with a worn out 226 Hurricane 6, which I replaced with a 232 out of a 72 CJ.
Looking back I should have done the 231 Dauntless instead.
The 232 is longer than the 226 so I had to remove the front cross member and replace it with a new one.
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My first was a red 1978 CJ5 with straight six and a manual transmission. At the time I had a 30 minute drive to work. I would shower before leaving for work and my hair would freeze during the commute.
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My first official Jeep is my '03 TJ I got 'new' in '04 w/19 miles on it.
But long before it, I've had a '73 and '75 TLC FJ-40's and a '63 FJ-45 P/U. A '68 Ford M151 A1 and a '43 Ford GPW.
My first "real" Jeep is my '02 TJ that I bought Christmas Eve of 2020. I briefly had a nineteen seventy-something Wagoneer ('76? '78?) in the '90s, and then bought a '99 XJ Sport in '01 and drove it for almost 5 years. Although both of those were Jeep brand vehicles and preceded the TJ, I really don't consider either of them a proper Jeep.

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A 1944 Willys MB (I am the fourth owner), which is also happens to be my very first car. It's turning 79 tomorrow (April 23) and still starts right up with no issues. Bought it because I love history and this was just so cool to me.

It still needs plenty of work, but I do love a project! One thing I need to fix are the unit markings and serial number on the hood (I do have the correct data plates for the serial number). I also need to find a unit to dedicate the jeep to when I fix the hood markings.

Much appreciation and gratitude to all veterans.

IMG_0886 2.JPG

Picture is from the day I got it.
My first Jeep was also my first vehicle. 1971 CJ5 with the Buick 225 Dauntless Odd Fire V6. Bought it in 1980.

Jeep CJ5 1971 copy.jpg

Brown Jeep Engine 2.jpg

It would pull the front wheels off the ground goin' forward - and the side wheels off the ground goin' around turns.

Deathtrap. :)
I have owned a Jeep in my heart for over 30 years.

My first real one is a 2001 Sahara I bought about a year ago.

Why did I wait so long?

I absolutely love the way you worded that-

you know having a jeep in your heart is saying I’m never going to be tied down- I have always felt the call for the open road- And of course with a jeep fun is not just where the road starts - sometimes it starts where the road ends.

My 79 CJ 5 renegade was the first of many- My 83 CJ seven will always hold a place in my heart- it was just a really really good jeep at a good time with my life- I was 20.

My 2003 TJR makes me look back when I walk away.

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Did you have your license back then in 1947? You youngsters and your toys. 😇

Ha, I bought it in 86 for $500.00 sold it a year later for $1000.00 Jeeps have been in my blood since 1977, my dad was ranch manager on Texas and the first day on the ranch the owner threw me the keys to a 1965 CJ5, I couldn't drive it on the road, but 300 acres at the main ranch were my playground!!!!!
2002 Jeep Cherokee. Wife loved it. Then we had 3 babies. Two at one time all in 19 months. Sold it and got a van.

12 years later…

2005 Flame Red TJ X

5 years after that…

2004 Stone White Sport
2003 Khaki TJR (sold)
2005 Patriot Blue TJR