1. inkedrose

    Savvy tail gate skin in Denver - $150

    Found this on Denver Marketplace. Have no idea what these retail for but looks new says never installed. Aluminum tail gate skin, $150. Not mine, don't know the seller...
  2. RockyMountain_TJ

    Dana 44 Shock Bracket Issues

    I am in the process of swapping my Dana 35 for a Dana 44 and have gotten control arms and trackbar connected and bolts tightened loosely when I just noticed something on this axle that I picked up. The shock brackets seem to be clearly aftermarket and installed incorrectly. Well, maybe not...
  3. E

    SOLD Control arms, track bars

    Metal Cloak front set 7051 and 7050 $350 Savvy rear set 9103SA and 9106SA $500 JKS track bar front 18055 and rear 18268 $350 Savvy NP231 TC cable $100 At the moment i am only taking dibs, no payments. I will need about a week to take everything off the Jeep. Everything is roughly 2 years...
  4. Mike_in_Riga

    Where to buy Savvy / Currie 4 inch lift?

    Hello Forum Members, I am shopping around for a Savvy / Currie 4 inch lift kit for my TJ, and am not quite sure what's the best place to get it. I know there is a thread about Savvy going out of business or changing owners, but could not quite get whether they are not shipping any products at...
  5. ScarletLJ

    Savvy Mid Arm Installers

    Hi all! I am new here! Long time YJ owner and first time TJ owner. I have been searching for my dream one and finally found it. 2006 Red Rubicon LJ. So, first big mod is going to be a Savvy Midarm. I am not comfortable with the welding on this kit and looking for someone who might know anyone...
  6. sunnysideup_lj

    SOLD Savvy Mid Arm Front Control Arms

    I have the front control arms from my Savvy Mid Arm. (Doesn't include Joints) Qty:2 Lowers 2" 7075 Aluminum. @20" Qty:1 Upper 1.5" 7075 Aluminum. @2.5" These have little use before I stretched the front and needed longer arms. Threads are in prefect condition as they were assembled with...
  7. DaveC

    WTB: Savvy TJ bumper light mounts BPM-LM

    Looking for a set of Savvy light mounts for the front bumper
  8. RINC

    FREE WTT want to trade Savvy rear bumper for half doors

    Rear Savvy bumper for rust free half doors. Bumper is powder coated. Has a ding on the lower passenger side. Msg me if needing more specific pictures.
  9. ImpactOrange

    SOLD Savvy Control Arms

    Taken off of my TJ to install Savvy mid arm. It's been awhile since I packaged these up, but I recall that I was missing the mounting hardware for one joint.
  10. bluescapegoat

    SOLD Savvy short arms - need a lot of TLC - Best Offer

    These are a set of eight of the double adjustable arms without wrench flats. They have grooves on the inside of the ball that leads me to believe they are drilled to work with the grease-able bolts but I can't confirm without disassembling and I don't care to do that. These arms were on my Jeep...
  11. JMT

    SOLD Savvy Double Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms Aluminum

    $250 $210 OBO shipped with Redline CV-2 Great for someone wanting to change the rear pinion angle for a small lift. Giving forum members a chance at these first. I'll leave them up till Wednesday, July 26, then post them on local FB Marketplace.
  12. rjaym

    Savvy mid arm play well with genright belly up?

    Bought mid arm kit for my LJR and would like to use genright belly up / tranny mount. I have savvy 1.25 body lift and MML. Looking for confirmation that the genright won’t get in the way of mid arm business . Or what mods / problems will need to faced to get these 2 to work together. Thanks rj
  13. carrotman

    Savvy Mid Arm Axle Side Bracket Positions Needed

    Hi All, Currently undergoing an axle swap and need to know where to mount the three link brackets on the front axle for the Savvy mid arm. Are there any measurements to go off of? Should the top link be centered on the axle vertically and some specific distance to the driver side of the axle...
  14. pc1p

    SOLD Savvy LED Taillights

    Savvy Tails - in good working and physical condition. I've decided to go with the QT LED tails so that I can put my license plate back to the factory location. I really want to hook up my backup camera and the spot in the center of the tire carrier is really the only good option (so I back up to...
  15. ThomasFletch

    How do you tighten / remove the radiator supports on the Savvy body lift?

    Does anyone know how to tighten/remove the radiator supports on the Savvy 1.25 BL? I know that you have to take the headlight out to access the top bolt, but how do you grip it? I've tried pliers, wrenches, a vice grip, using a pry bar to try to hold it in place, all in vain. Or should I just...
  16. inkedrose

    No aluminum Savvy bumpers in near future

    Read through what feels like a couple hundred pages on here... everything came back that SAVVY Aluminum is best bumper made. Savvy has them listed out of stock. Called another company that had them listed on website, wanted to see if I might get lucky and find one in back stock (no luck). Guy...
  17. K

    SOLD 2005 TJ Wrangler X 6 Speed $14,000

    Wrangler TJ X 2005, 28322 miles, Patriot Blue, 6 speed. In overall good condition with no rust-through spots on the frame or body. Currently riding on 31X10.5X15 tires and has clearance for 33s. Paint condition is fair but has many scratches and small dents. There is a rock crease/dent, in the...
  18. Karl

    Savvy coil spring question

    So I’m looking to get some new springs. After everything I read I am drinking the koolaid and looking at savvy. I have a couple questions though. I see rear springs that are 4.5 but the fronts are only 4. Are there some 4.5 fronts to match that I’m missing? I also read on a thread that the...
  19. thebestskibum

    LS Swap with Savvy Mid-Arm

    I need advice on which drivers side manifold/ header to run. I’m doing an L92 swap and I have a savvy mid arm suspension. If I didn’t have the mid arm kit it would be easy but my biggest hurdle is getting the exhaust from the drivers side ran. Everything I’ve tried hits the upper control arm…...
  20. El Jay

    Kentucky Savvy control arms (brand new)

    New Savvy control arms complete set front and rear. Only opened to check them out when I received them, decided to go mid-arm instead. $1300 Local sale preferred.