California Dusy Ershim Run 2022

Added to Calendar: 08-20-22

Dusy dates. What do you prefer? We will plan it around one of these weekends.

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Sorry guys but I’m out too. I hoped I could line everything up but I have too many family events next weekend. Have fun!

I just spent 3hrs finish welding my rotopax mount, greasing the joints and bolt checking.
Ordered some spare parts and started staging my pack up.
Next up meal prep.

My plans haven’t changed. With three rigs we should make a quicker pace🙃

Sweet! Just finished installing the last of my Savvy short arms, greased everything up gave her a bath, installed some speakers/amp I have had collecting dust and added a more direct power cable for my fridge. Even made some cornbread in the little oven and tested out my solar panel and power pack to make sure the fridge won't shut off on the day we are chilling. I am getting super excited, we should be just fine with 3 Jeeps.
Well I just swapped out my Dana 30 for another that has 4:88's chromo shafts and a elocker so its going into the shop to get my Dana 35 swapped out for my Dana 44 chromo shafts and arb air locker and rear disc switched over and while its there put on my tank skid. Then ill be ready to go back out
I would have done it myself but I was a bit hesitant on doing the gears. Ive done alot of things but I dont want to get stranded either. Thanks for the offer and maybe next time when I need to do a long arm kit.
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A sneak peek.

Well, We ended a day early and had a fantastic time. Thanks to @Fish Family JKU and @squinko for joining and making the trip happen. You guys are awesome to wheel and chill with!! The trail was very technical in spots and Thompson Hill was a challenge. The hardest part about Thompson Hill was the dynamics of the lines. Every rock was moving around under you, and no one took the same lines. We ended up moving/stacking a BUNCH of rocks to get us over Thompson. I had to get winched twice because I had rocks slip out from my tires to under my Jeep (once on Thompson). Almost thought I tossed my driveshaft only a couple miles into the trail. Thankfully @Fish Family JKU and @squinko were there to help get me out and damage free. For the most part the trail is relentless, and we averaged about 1 MPH. There are strategically placed rocks to be sure you never get to enjoy 4hi. The camping was absolutely epic, and fishing was great too. @squinko caught a couple nice fish and we enjoyed some fish tacos for dinner one night.