It just happened!

With the inch and a quarter adapter, the back spacing works out to be about 4.5". Once the Rubicon flares are installed, I'll have about 2 and a half inches of tire sticking out past the flare.

This one has me genuinely excited. During the last ten years my wife has literally never taken an interest in any Jeep I've built. When she saw this one, after the "You bought a third Jeep?" discussion, she came back and said she really liked it and asked if she could try to drive it. That is truly a miracle, so I'm going to lean in a direction of keeping it drivable for her. All good parts of course, with a focus on handling and braking improvements. Beyond that, she will be helping define a path forward. :)

I've done a baseline mechanical assessment during the last couple evenings. Overall, at just a tad over 100,000 miles, the Jeep is in very good condition. However, after 17 years, the usual areas need attention. Starting a mechanical checklist, at a minimum, I'll begin with:

- Replacing all the fluids
- Replacing the valve cover gasket, grommets, and PCV elbows
- Replacing the oil pan gasket and rear main seal
- Inspecting and replacing brake components and hoses (as needed)
- Replacing the entire cooling system

That said, I've ordered the first set of parts, to include:

CONTINENTAL66692Radiator Hose
CONTINENTAL62394Radiator Hose
CONTINENTAL64418Heater Hose / Pipe
CONTINENTAL64419Heater Hose / Pipe
CONTINENTAL49256Belt Tensioner
CONTINENTAL49039Idler Pulley
FEL-PRO35630Thermostat / Thermostat Housing / Water Outlet Seal
GATESCO34741Thermostat Housing / Water Outlet
STANT10334Radiator Cap
MOPAR5503 7653ABRadiator
OMIX17105.12Fan Clutch
MOPAR5012366AFWater Pump
THERMOCURETC001Coolant System Rust Remover
RED HOUND‎2946079Valve Cover Grommet
DORMAN47128PCV Rubber Hose Connectors
FELPRO45458Timing Cover Gasket Set with Repair Sleeve
Order # 144016717
MELLINGM167HVSHigh Volume Oil Pump and Screen
FELPRO35629Water Pump Gasket
DORMAN47079PCV Elbow (Back of Valve Cover)
DORMAN47057PCV Elbow (Front of Valve Cover)
DORMAN56398Water Pump Inlet Tube
CLOYES90385SATiming Set
SKPSK594018Harmonic Balancer

What I'm struggling with, a little, is the water pump. I've installed several Gates 42293 water pumps recently. The last two were made in USA and had metal impellers. The later isn't a deal breaker, if it is plastic, but I do like the Made in USA piece. However, I'm getting mixed information on the new pump. My plan is to just order it and, if needed, return it.

I went with the Rollmaster dbl roller timing chain. Which I saw from the guy who builds the 4.7 L strokers. Quality piece.
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