The good news thread

the good news today isn't too specific, just thinking about how much better things are as compared to when this thread started. We were headed down the rabbit hole pretty quickly back then but at this point over a year later we've bounced back pretty solidly. Today we're putting the bikes on the rack & heading to the trails followed by some microbrewery hunting, tomorrow we'll be meeting my son & his girl in town for some hefeweizens & munchies. With all that ahead we decided to hang at home last night, I knocked off around noon to come home & prepare some stuff, a quick batch of dough for flat bread, homemade hummus, tomato basil salad & marinated fresh mozzarella, just kicked back on the porch with all that, some cold drinks & good music & enjoyed the beautiful hot weather.

my flatbread is really nothing more than my pizza dough with olive oil & some seasonings, comes out really nice as the center gets very crispy, almost like a cracker, while the edges are softer & more bread like; the chip part is great for scooping the hummus while the edges are better for soaking up the tomato salad/oil & vinegar


after about 8 minutes in the oven


Mrs. Cheesy and I had all four of the grandkids last week. I took the girls fishing, we went to Brookfield Zoo(bleah), we had a shit ton of relatives over, and Karis, Owen, and I rode to the stock car races on the Ural yesterday evening.

Back:Eli and Karis. Front:Lauren and the world famous Owen. We haven't seen the girls since Christmas 2019.

Karis will be thirteen this month and has topped out at 5' 2". She is a lot stronger than she looks. She has a serious interest in track & field and recently shattered her school record in the 200 sprint. Not the girls, the schools'. She also filled in on one leg the Boys 800 relay, having the best split time. Her coaches had her try some field events and shit themselves. School record in the discus is 40'. She threw 58' in practice. She also has delusions of becoming a Tik Tok influencer. Did I mention she has an interest in track and field?

Eli is eight and catching up to Karis in height. Eli has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and working in his Masters class with his Mom. Apparently Karis wasn't impressed with his black belt and body slammed his butt our living room. It was impressive. Eli's dad goes, "I spent how much on lessons and you still got your ass handed to you by your cousin?"

I earlier posted a pic of five year old Lauren's physics test failure with an electric ATV. She failed two more times until she finally figured out to lean into the turns. She was my shadow this past week and an absolute sweetheart but can be a micro managing PITA. Ask Owen.

Then there's Owen. He will be five this month. He also won't be micro managed by Lauren. I am jealous of his hair. According to both Owens' mom and dad, Owen is going through another Richard phase. That translates into, "Owen's a real dick right now." Owen and I are supposed to go to Blackhawk Raceway to watch motorcycle racing next weekend but there needs to be a bit of attitude adjustment on his part by Saturday before that happens.

The girls left with their parents for home in Maine this morning. The boys are camping in N. Wisconsin for the week. The silence is both deafening and blissful.
Color me kind of jealous.

My retirement was supposed to happen on Halloween but my employer made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Hanging on until the end of June with a 30% pay increase(yes,30%)AND a $5K bonus on 30 June if I don't get pissed and walk before that. That last bit is always possible. The extra 8 months will get my wife's Renegade paid off early and just a tad more money in the bank.
9090 pieces and 54" long. I'm relatively certain I would not have the patience to assemble this one. That said, it is impressive what people create with Lego. What a genius product it truly is! (y)
These are the sets you buy. Never open. Store somewhere. Get out in 10-15 years and throw it on ebay. Profit.
Yeah but then what?
It collects dust for a period of time, then likely sits somewhere in storage. In the end if you're lucky, a younger generation will find some enjoyment from it and/ or you're able to sell it online for a killing.
It floats as well as the original…

I remember having a small lego boat when I was little. I loved to play with it in the bath, and it did float. I remember seeing how tall I could build on it's deck before it got too top heavy and would tip over. It even had an attachable keel weight.