dana 30

  1. TJTurley

    California Stock Dana 35 & 30 Axles - 2000 TJ

    Dana 35 & 30 Axles - 2000 TJ Avail for local pick-up
  2. J

    Convert a Dana 30 front to a Dana 44 pumpkin with some welding?

    If this has already been discussed and I've just failed to find the post I'd love a link. So, Dana 44 front axles are actually quite affordable in the US especially considering their rarity (im just looking at ebay as a reference) but shipping to the UAE where I live is kind of expensive, at least...
  3. owentcumming

    Dana 30 3.73 carrier to 4.88

    I have a 2004 sport that has the factory option for 3.73 rear axle gear ratio on the dana 35. Does this mean that the front dana 30 has a 3.73+ carrier? Im trying to regear to 4.88 on a tight budget and dont want to buy a new carrier if i dont have to.
  4. Mike_in_Riga

    HP Dana 30 re-gear - pinion preload changed

    Hello Fellow Members, First, I want to thank @hosejockey61 for his amazing instructions on axle rebuilds & locker installs. I am doing this exact setup from his video - with ARB locker, Revolut gears, and HP dana 30 from XJ. The problem I encountered is the following: after setting up...
  5. jkosten

    Dana 30 oil passage in housing

    I am currently replacing my 3.73 gears with 4.56, and noticed that the housing is not fully machined to allow oil to drain from between the pinion bearings. The top is open to allow gear oil to be slung into the area. It could be intentional to force oil to collect and lubricate the bearings...
  6. ClayAkers

    Looking for input on an off-road capable, daily driver build

    Now that my 2003 X has become my daily driver, I’m looking for some advice on ways to create a more capable off-reader that still holds its own on the highways. I live in Central Texas, so being able to drive 75mph is a must if I’m going to get anywhere. Right now, I’ve got the 4.0L with...
  7. RubberBandClip

    SOLD Dana 30 and 35 axles

    I have a matched pair of Dana 30 and Dana 35 axles, open diffs, 3.07 gearing from a 97 wrangler TJ. The 35 was recently rebuilt and has drum backing plates. They are both in good working order and were only replaced for an axle upgrade. $400 obo.
  8. Zwc32

    Repairing front axle after wreck

    So I got hit in the front driver side in my 97 TJ 4cyl 5 speed. It shoved the driver side wheel back, and busted the transfer case. Even though the lady was on my side of the road and hit me while she was swerving back over, somehow they ruled it no fault so I have to fix everything out of...
  9. Tim_with_the_tj

    Looks like I need a new front driveshaft

    Tore down the double cardan joint on my front driveshaft to rebuild it. Unfortunately it looks like I need a new driveshaft… The shaft is badly worn. You can easily feel all of the visible marks. The centering yoke has a small amount of play in the ball and socket joint. The retaining ring...
  10. freedom_in_4low

    LockRight doesn't line up with manufacturer specifications

    When assembled, it won't unlock. The install manual says there needs to be .005-020" clearance between the spacers and the cross pin. I have 0.010" - so it's safely within the range and even on the lower third. Once assembled, it says there needs to be 0.154-170" between the drivers...
  11. The06LJ

    New York Jeep LJ OEM Axle Shafts

    Short version: OEM LJ Axle Shafts (Dana 44 Rear Disc & Dana 30 27 Spline No ABS) 1 bad joint - $250 obo
  12. jherrell

    Leaking axle seals after changing them

    I changed my wheel seals in my front Dana 30 this weekend and both sides are already leaking worse than what they were. Any ideas? I used a seal press tool to set the seals back flush. Should I have kept going till it stopped?
  13. FarminAg

    Has anyone ever swapped axles from Rubicon to Sport and Sport to Rubicon?

    Anyone ever swap axles between a Rubicon and Sport and put the Dana 30/d35s in the rubicon? I have access to a rubicon and the owner doesn't care about lockers and Dana 44. I have a sport and would love to do a direct swap. Anyone have experience doing this type of trade and making both jeeps run...
  14. Jeep 541X

    SOLD NIB Eaton Dana 30 ELocker

    For sale, NIB, Eaton ELocker 19818-010 Performance ELocker for 27-Spline Dana 30 with 3.73 and Numerically Higher Gear Ratio.
  15. P

    Dana 30 front differential refresh

    I noticed a leak in the front diff the other day, so decided to try a drain and fill. But once I got into it I couldn’t leave that nasty old cover the way the previous owner left it. So what should have taken and hour or so ended up taking 4 hours. But I’m much happier with a rustproofed...
  16. Lucky7

    Aussie locker unlocks driving in a straight line in the snow

    Hey guys first post here hoping someone can help me out. I have an Aussie locker in my front Dana 30 with 33x12.5 tires. When I’m driving in the snow down a straight road i hear a clunk noise and my car pulls hard to left for a couple seconds. It then goes away and drives straight perfectly fine...
  17. RipSteakface

    Is it worth buying a high pinion Dana 30?

    I'm looking to upgrade my front and rear axles this year, and I am researching my options and would like to get allayall's opinions and advice on the front end. I am currently running a factory Dana 30/35 combo at 3.73 with ECGS chromoly axles in the 30. Will be upgrading to 35" tires on 15x8's...
  18. M

    Installing Yukon WU-08 Hub Kit (Similar to WU-07 Also)

    There are two hub kits available for the Dana 30 from Yukon, the WU-07 and WU-08. Both are pretty spendy, 07 being just less than $1000, and the 08 right at $1450. I chose the 08 feeling it was a bit more robust hub unit, with the 07 being very similar to old Bronco II hub units. I have no real...
  19. connorwfrench

    What axle is this?

    Hello! I’m looking for a Dana 44 front axle, this guy on FB Marketplace says he has a Dana 30 with the factory 4.10 gears from a 2004 sport, but they didn’t come with those gears, I’ve attached pictures. Could someone tell my by the picture if this is a Dana 30 or 44? If it’s a 44 then is it in good...
  20. M

    Sarah the Sahara—More expensive than a divorce—LR4—NV3550 Conversion

    Oh, look, another LS conversion in a TJ. :rolleyes: Yes, this thread is about another conversion, but I hope to alleviate and answer alot of confusion and offer some answers or advice. The goal with "Sarah" is to have a capable DD that can be very capable on the weekend. This project has...