o2 sensor

  1. Marklar1983

    EDIT: Bad (new) coil rail thread

    Looked at a lot of posts, but can’t find anything recent. ‘06 LJR, 114k, gas mileage has always been low, ~10mpg on 33s. I have replaced all four O2 sensors with NGK, and just replaced the catalytic with a new Magnaflow. Just replaced the fuel injectors with 4-hole Bosch from Precision Auto...
  2. Itygr

    1997 Jeep TJ 4.0 idle and whine help

    I have a high-pitched pitched almost electrical sound for a short time after start which is new. When going downhill only the jeep sometimes idles quite low, almost stalls unless the engine is rev'ed. Recently done spark plugs, tps, cleaned iac. doesn't look like leaks, the high-pitched whine is...
  3. SEFLTJ Troy and Robyn

    2018 Code P0171 and P2096

    2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport 4dr with 3.6l engine running rough and showing Error Codes P0171 and P2096 (showed P0300 for a bit, but has not returned since clearing). System Too Lean Bank 1 and Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean Bank 1. Where should I start? Put some Seafoam in and...
  4. S

    P0133 and P0153

    Hello guys, My 05 TJ 4.0 6 speed had a check engine light few weeks ago i got P0153 code, replaced both upstream O2 sensors with NTK/NGK and after around 220 miles the CEL is back with P0133 and P0153! What should i look for now? TIA NTK 23018 NTK 23160
  5. Davy-Crockettm28

    Continued O2 sensor troubles

    A few months ago I started intermittently getting the CEL code p-0133. So I got a replacement sensor from NTK and tried replacing it. I had zero luck since it was seized so I sent my jeep and the NTK sensor over to my mechanic who was able to put it in for me. Cleared my check engine light for...
  6. Fulton_Hogan

    Thank You, OBD2 Scan Tool!

    I recently replaced all of my O2 sensors (Thread: https://wranglertjforum.com/threads/check-engine-light-flashed-while-driving-recommendations.67087/) and felt like that had been successful. No new CELs, no rough idle, and no hesitation. However, at the time I didn't really watch any live data...
  7. ScottV-TJ

    NTK O2 Sensor Availability?

    New to the Forum.... I have a 1997 TJ 2.5L. I have been reading threads on Power Loss/Sputtering and Backfiring problems. Replacing the O2 Sensors with a NTK sensors seem to be one of the common solutions. https://wranglertjforum.com/threads/jeep-is-sputtering-and-backfiring.12758/ Problem...
  8. ManInBlack06

    Rebuilt Jeep having acceleration issues after 2500 miles

    I recently finished the rebuild of the top half of the motor on my 2006 TJ. I installed Hooker black heart headers after having the head rebuilt. also had it straight dualed back to a Borjla exhaust. I rebuilt it to specs and haven't had any issues with it after 2500 miles of driving since I got...
  9. LaneTJThomas

    Bank 2 Sensor 2 Attachment

    I have a 2001 TJ 4.0 automatic (California emissions). I have had idling issues since I bought it a little over a year ago. Since it has been doing it from day one I never thought twice about it. Last weekend I had someone riding with me ask if I had replaced my O2 sensors. When I went to locate...
  10. 03Jeeper

    2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara nightmare (ECM or O2 sensors?)

    Okay, I'm super new to this so bear with me... I have a 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Well, my daughter has. Anyhow, she launched a rod through the block. This was due to some problem that caused the check engine light to come on. Long story short... New motor is in and same problem: The Jeep...
  11. M

    Jeep not starting, found some wires not plugged in and Im not sure what they are?

    Hi all, I have a 2000 Jeep with 157000 miles on it and I've been having some trouble with it starting and running. I've owned the car for about 2 years now and for the whole time that I've owned it It almost never starts on the first crank, but always on the second. there are some other problems...
  12. AaronPaul

    P0420 code and check engine light

    I will try to make this short and sweet. Last week I filled up my 2000 Jeep TJ and minutes later the check engine light came on. The code that came back was P0420 Bank 1. The check engine light remained on all week until I got gas today and, boom, the check engine light is gone. I ran my OBD...
  13. Spencer C

    Codes after replacing o2 sensors Cats

    So i replaced my o2 sensors with the NGK sensors about 7k miles ago. Didn’t have codes for a while, but just checked it today and I’m pulling codes P0031, p0051, & p0136 (all related to o2 sensors). I’m also pulling codes for p0303 (cylinder 3 misfire) and p0455 (evaporation emission system...
  14. Rocky1228

    Where does this downstream O2 sensor connect to?

    I recently purchased a 04 tj. I kept getting codes for a bank 2 sensor 2 o2 sensor. Just right now I decided to hop down their and see what’s going on and to my surprise it wasn’t even connected. But now I can’t find where it connects to
  15. Mitch8801

    2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ with glowing red cats

    Hey Guys, So recently I was on my way home and at a stoplight had a misfire in cylinder 2, and my exhaust sounded funny and fluttery, I was like 8 minutes away so I decided to drive it home and coast down hill. Long story short, I replaced the spark plugs, still had issues. I checked my coil...
  16. ebay007

    Diagnosing O2 sensor related codes

    Hi folks. I was hoping to get some opinions on a problem I have as I could not find a thread that would directly answer it. A little background- 3 months ego I bought a 2005 4.0L manual TJ with 125,000Km (=78,000 miles). It has no obvious mods or upgrades besides 31' tires and a roo bar (I'm in...
  17. M

    P0158 O2 sensor error code

    My 2004 Wrangler Sahara, automatic, 4.0L threw a P0158 code today: P0158 2/2 O2 Sensor Shorted To Voltage Oxygen sensor input voltage maintained above normal operating range. 1. Should I replace this sensor? 2. Where is this sensor located? 3. Does anyone have the part # for this sensor...
  18. A

    Running Poorly and P0303 Error Code

    As I am new to this forum and to all the new computer stuff related to Jeeps I have a general question that may have been addressed. I have a 2006 Jeep LJ with a little over 190, 000 miles. Recently I started getting engine codes and poor performance. It started with codes for the O2...
  19. J

    Catalytic converter code P0432

    Hey all, So my '01 TJ is throwing a P0432 code. Upon easy research, it's that the "main catalyst efficiency below threshold." I haven't noticed any drop in performance and the vehicle is pretty new to me so I don't know if it's affecting the mileage. I've gotten a quote for around 1,000$ for...
  20. flyingt1954

    p0032, p0038, p0052, & p0058 codes

    My TJ has a check engine light been on for a while I have changed all for oxygen sensors several sensors on the throttlebody checked all the wiring but can’t find out why my engine light keeps coming on over and over and over The codes that keep coming up are p0032 p0038 p0052 p0058 I have...