1. Hammer_c

    California Rock Krawler long Arms

    Cleaning the garage out and getting rid of this long arm kit from Rock Krawler. Triangulated rear 4 link and triangulated front 3 link. All new joints on the rear lower arms. Clean them up and slap some fresh paint and they are ready to go. $150 obo.
  2. J

    Going from 4" lift to 3" lift?

    Hi all, first time poster long time reader. As the title states I'm playing with the thought of going from a 4" lift to 3" suspension lift. Picked up a 2000 wrangler sport that has a bare bones 4" RC lift with a 1" t-case drop. Currently running 285/75 16s with 1.5" spacers and stock steering...
  3. O

    31" tires on a TJ: do I need a lift?

    Hi all, I bought a 2004 Wrangler Sahara about 2 years ago and the tire tread has really worn down. I'm looking to replace these with Falken Wildpeak A/T3W. The Jeep currently has mud tires on them, measuring 31X10.50R15LT. I've been reading a few forum posts and most people recommend getting...
  4. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Best in-between shocks?

    I’m looking to get new shocks for my TJ typically I’d go with Fox 2.0 shocks but I daily and off-road my Jeep so im looking for the best in between shocks right now I have rough country and when I say I hate them I mean it so I’m just looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance
  5. Vali Jo

    Ball Joint - Caster/Camber

    I have a '97 (TJ) with a 2 1/2" Rough Country Lift on 33 KO2's on my original axles and need to replace my ball joints. (I replaced my tie-rods in 2019 but the ball joints appeared to be okay at that time). I have a few questions related: 1. For the Uppers, how will I know what Caster/Camber I...
  6. Cg540

    Recommended lower control arms

    I bought my jeep a couple months ago with a 4” lift that has Pro Comp lower control arms and factory uppers. The bushings have worn out, and from what I have been told they no longer make the replacement bushings. So I’m looking for some recommendations on the best (preferably budget friendly)...
  7. freedom_in_4low

    Rock Krawler Flat-Belly Longarm

    interesting, Wonder what the geometry looks like and what that last statement means about adventure series joints at the frame. Krawler joint at the axle? And yes...testing with the forums favorite tire.
  8. BornHawaii

    Help diagnosing clown horn sound

    My TJ makes a weird squeal sound when I turn left. Best I can describe it as is a clown horn, the one you squeeze. I recorded videos from underneath trying to locate if it’s front, back, left or right and nothing. I greased stuff, silicone sprayed and hose sprayed and test drove hoping to find...
  9. T

    Suspension upgrade advice

    So I'm looking to replace my suspension. I bought the jeep 2 years ago its a 97 (later year release) and pretty much stock. I don't think the suspension has ever been changed and it's in need of a refresh. I've done some digging around and I'm thinking about going with the Rancho shocks and...
  10. HaydukeLives!

    Colorado Front 1.5" Leveling Spacers - Steel - Brand New - TJ/LJ - Just pay Shipping

    Bezos refunded this purchase and told me to keep the spacers so if anyone needs/wants them, just pay for shipping (please make sure to overpay slightly so it's all covered.....I've been dinged with shipping charges sooooooo many times) and I'll get them out to you ASAP with instructions...
  11. 9

    97 2.5 dives to the left heavy under moderate braking

    97 4cyl manual all stock except some late 90s bumper and wheels. Had the Jeep since the fall, brought it into a mechanic who said overall it's fine and didn't notice anything that needed immediate replacement. Previous owner was an older guy who took pretty good care of it but didnt have service...
  12. MilwaukeeTalkie

    3 weeks in...

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to reach out and say hello! I've been a long time follower of the forum, previous XJ owner but always had eyes for TJ's. I recently sold my daily and picked up a 2002 X Apex (107k odo), I'll post some pics in the coming weeks when it's not snowy and bleak here, and...
  13. JoseA

    Rear trackbar: JKS trackbar or relocation bracket?

    Help me decide on my 2 options: I have about 2.5 inches of lift installed by PO. Rear trackbar is stock and bushings look worn out. I don't have a SYE. 1- ARB relocation bracket (I already have it) and a new MOOG DS1461 trackbar: about $80 cost. 2- JKS rear adjustable trackbar OGS151 and no...
  14. Beetus

    Found this cable tied inside a spring. What is it?

    Hey all, I found this while under the Jeep today. It looks as though it was a part of the forward suspension/spring that came loose then a previous owner attempted to cable tie it in place (for rattling etc). Any clue as to what this part is? Below are two pictures for comparison, left and...
  15. Jackson S

    JL suspension on the TJ?

    is it possible to put jlu rubicon suspension on my tj?
  16. Slicknick630

    Is my pitman arm and track bar too close?

    Ok so I just installed a new track bar and track bar bracket in the Jeep. I have a teraflex high steer setup and a rough country drop pitman arm. I am not trying to get into a debate about having a drop pitman or not or what you think about RE track bars and there brackets or any other brands. I...
  17. Y

    Lower suspension options and advice for 06 TJ

    Hey all — PO put a 4" skyjacker lift on with 33" tires. Planning to downsize in tire size to 31 and would like to remove the low quality lift. I have a few options... 1. My local jeep guy has an OEM 06' LJ Rubicon full suspension package out of another vehicle. I currently have a full Currie...
  18. BeatArmy18

    Wanting new suspension on top of 2.5 inch body lift

    Hello all, Have a ‘97 TJ, 135k miles that’s been in the family since new. Older brother put a 2.5” body lift on it in the early 2000’s. Now it’s mine, and I want to put new suspension, coils and shocks. What’s my best move here? Would like a Fox, Metalcloak- type kit. If I do a 2.5” suspension...
  19. Bradjh122

    Suspension Setup Questions

    Hi everyone. I have a 2004 Wrangler Rocky Mountain Edition. This is not my first project car but it is my first Jeep, so I'm still somewhat new to the Jeep community. When I purchased the Jeep back in August 2020, it had a 2.5" Rough Country suspension lift on 31s. It's done the job for the...
  20. C

    Questions about tires, suspension, and more

    So I purchased a 2004 rubicon about a year ago. A few things I know about it and a few things I have questions about: -Currently has a 4" lift and 35" tires. -Has stock front/rear track bars, control arms, etc. Is stock geared from the manufacturer. -Already replaced U joints on the front axle...