Bronco vs. Wrangler

A lot of it is wheeling where you want to wheel or maybe learn to want to wheel where you wheel! Lauren drove those lines so well because he has driven those lines so many times before. While it's definitely a skill, theres a big part of that is learning THE line through THE obstacle you're on. There is super fun wheeling in WA, i know some people rank Naches above all else. They do have moonrocks that are moab-ish (maybe) but it's got a whole different kind of wheeling too, @Wildman could talk more. I like to find a line that gives me trouble and loop through it a few times if possible and find what works. Like drills for jeeping.
We're the same. We're all just waiting on @Wildman. He's doing a great job on his rig. Can't wait for him to complete it. It's a big undertaking.
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I mean, it's only 94% chance of 1/2 inch on Saturday.... :D
Ya i'm good. It has to eventually stop raining, right? BTW .59" of rain :)
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We're the same. We're all just waiting on @Wildman. He's doing a great job on his rig. Can't wait for him to complete it. It's a big undertaking.
Moab is a different type of terrain and the wheeling your doing here in WA isn't going to compare. But the trails in the Little Naches or Rimrock areas can be as challenging. Pucker Ridge can scare the heck out of you.
Wheeling in the wet & mud & tree roots can really test your abilities. The stuff you're doing at the ORV park isn't what I'd consider hard but it's local for you.
What I see as the problem for you @JMT is that the good wheeling is 4 hours or more away from you.
You need to get over to Reiter at some point. But it's 5+ hours of travel so it isn't as easy.
Fingers crossed 🤞 that I'll be running NLT the middle of June. I was shooting for Memorial Day weekend but don't think I'm gonna make it.

It's like owning a motorcycle here. If you don't ride in the rain you aren't going to ride much.
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Let’s go

You really need to get signed for the Trail Jamboree that's held in July. It's sold out already for this year. But when they open up registration next March you should sign up and go.
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Opps, you posted on the wrong site. Should be a Bronco site not a TJ site.
Thought this was Jeep vs Bronco? I have a TJ and my wife has the Bronco. Who better to give an opinion after attending this Bronco event? I have all of my Jeep shirts and hats packed to wear while driving their Broncos on the trail.
How do you like the Bronco so far?
For everyday use, interior space/comfort and on road handling it seems like a better vehicle (for our needs). We have four kids, two are in college, so we still wanted something that we could at least fit five us of comfortably. Our old Honda van is still hanging around as the Family Truckster. We did drive some JL’s but my wife did not like the smaller cabin of the Jeep. She grew up around the Broncos of the 80’s and was sold on the idea of the new model.

The soft top of the Bronco seems more usable because the back can be raised up and kept in place to give more access to the rear, similar to the rear window of a hard top. The soft top seems to be very easy to raise and lower, but I’m not sure how the newer Jeeps function to compare. It would be nice if the rear seats folded flat, but I built a platform for the rear cargo to make it even with the seats if needed. Towing capacity is 3,500 pounds but it the same chassis as the Ranger and it’s rated at 7,000 or so.

After this 3000 mile trip I’ll have more input, but she loves it and that’s all that matters. I like things simple like the TJ and it will always hold my attention.
@Noslo65 we wanna see pics of your Bronco in Pritchett! Just follow all the lines that Loren Healey outlined in the video - you'll be fine.
That definitely won’t be part of the broncrodeo or whatever they call it.

Guessing hells will be as difficult as it gets. But it should be fun for them.
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