tie rod

  1. MikeE024

    Arizona Rock Jock (Currie) Tie Rod

    RockJock (Currie) Tie Rod w/ clamps. Part is from the Currie currectlync assembly. Does not include tie rod ends or drag link. No bends, had an easy life before Blaine removed it to install his BMB tie rod during the tie rod flip. Asking $80 plus shipping.
  2. owenjan11

    1997 TJ 4.0 front end rattle after steering upgrades

    My brother and I purchased the jeep back in early 2020, the owner before us did some modifications but many have stopped working and/or caused other systems to falter. We've been hearing a loud ticking noise in the front axle , we replaced the drivers side u joint (which was broken) but the...
  3. Zwc32

    97 TJ tie rod not level

    I am rebuilding front end of my tj where it was wrecked. I am installing a used Dana 30 with all new steering / tie rod components. I have everything on except my coils and shocks but my tie rod adjustment bar is not level, it goes up hill on the passenger side where it connects to drag link...
  4. M

    Rear differential problem or other?

    Hey Jeepers. 2005 Rubicon TJ, Auto w/ 152k. Here is my issue: Lately I've been feeling a loud clunk when turning namely left. Well it's more of a snap feeling and sound. So. The other day I was driving home and the "rear lock" light began flashing on the dash. I pulled over and this stopped...
  5. Davestation1

    Tie rod ends and steering

    I have a developed a bit of a death wobble and need to do some of my steering components. I need to do my rod ends on the tie rod and on pitman arm as well as possibly my track bar. The rod ends aren’t available OEM right now and I’m not quite ready to do a full steering overhaul like a ZJ swap...
  6. J

    In Search of Heavy Duty Tie Rod End

    2006 TJ 6” lift 37” Tires Greetings, BLUF: Can’t find tie rods beefy enough. Please help! I have been trying to find suitable tie rod end replacements for the ‘06 TJ I bought some months ago. Stock sized tie rod ends don’t seem to hold up to this build. I have posted pictures below of the...
  7. Winks42

    Tie Rod End Troubles

    Replacing my inner TRE because how when i did a dry steering test it had a bunch of play. Well the problem is whenever I tried to unscrew the castle nut the stud turned with it. I have tried to put vise grips on the stud and try to use a wrench but nothing seems to work. I tried drilling through...
  8. Fox_Mccloud

    '03 Wrangler Front End Re-Build Questions

    Hey Guys, I recently bought an '03 Wrangler SE. I've already tackled a handful of things that need attention (calipers, pads, rotors) but most important is Death Wobble (confirmed, definitely Death Wobble). I've dug around a bit here and already found a litany of information, much appreciated...
  9. TJScott

    SOLD Tie rod and drag link

    I have an OEM tie rod and drag link. The rubber cups for the grease are cracking. They’ve never been run dry. I replaced the parts with Currie. Does anyone want these old parts? I don’t want to ship. I’m in Palmdale, CA real close to the 14 fwy.
  10. 4WheelinMama

    Replacing Drag Link and Tie Rod End

    I recently got my TJ diagnosed after experiencing the inevitable death wobble. It felt like my jeep was shaking apart when going over 25. I was told it was the left side that was loose. They said I needed to replace the Center Link, Drag Link, Outer Tie Rod and Upper and Lower Ball Joints. I...
  11. A

    5/8 HEIM steering to OEM

    Hey guys! I have a situation where I bought my TJ and had the whole death wobble situation so I thought going with a HEIM steering kit would help and it did not if anything made it worse. So I want to go back to OEM but I have a limited amount of money. The HEIM steering kit has 5/8 bolts so I...
  12. bbiggyz

    Ball joint kit recommendation

    Hey there, went for an alignment today and was told I needed new ball joints and tie rod ends. Quoted $1,200 figured I'd do it myself. I found this kit at 1A Auto which had basically everything and more for $160, and even found a guy near me selling a similar kit for $100 still in the box. I...
  13. C

    Help with Rock Krawler Tie-Rod End Replacement

    I was wheeling and my joint wobbled out of the threads in the tie rod and i wobbled it back together then rachet strapped it all together and improvised. I cannot find this tie rod anywhere on the internet to replace it, or even how to fix this. can anyone help me with this. The name of the tie...
  14. Tj04

    ZJ tie rod installed incorrectly?

    I got my ZJ tie rod in, very happy with it. Is this backwards? Does it matter which side the zj adjusting sleeve is at? Thanks!
  15. PStov98TJ

    Worn Out Tie Rod Ends and Ball Joints

    So I've been having a slight shimmy and recently a clunk, when I hit bumps on the road, independent of speed. I don't think this is a tire balance issue, although I plan to have that checked out as well. I know it isn't a trackbar issue because I confirmed the torque on both bolts today. Both...
  16. Rook

    ZJ tie rod... what about drag link?

    When a V8 ZJ tie rodis substituted for the flimsy TJ tie rod, is it important to use a ZJ drag link also? Since they are both solid rather than a hollow tube, seems to me like the ZJ drag linkwould not necessarily be a significant upgrade over the TJ one. Am I missing anything here, or can I...