1. BlueC

    E-Locker Wiring

    I just finished the physical portion of installing my Eaton E-locker, now I have to do the wiring, my least favorite of automotive work. For those of you who have installed e-lockers, will you share with me how you ran everything and any tips and tricks you ran across. I'm trying to make this...
  2. N

    Right turn signal indicator light issue

    Hello all! So in my 2000 se jeep wrangler I'm having an issue with the right turn signal indicator light where when in the parking light position it is constantly dim, I have upgraded the indicator lights to led, and the front parking and side marker lights to led as well all the turnsignal...
  3. 2006_LJ

    Ok, electrical geniuses got a puzzle for you

    As I've posted on here before, I'm down a rabbit hole searching for a high charging alternator. Changed, PCM, Big 7 cable upgrade and a reman alternator — voltage still reads 14.8. But wait theres more!!!!!!!!! When doing the big 7 upgrade, I decided to look under my PCD and it looks like the...
  4. E

    Wiring help

    I was cleaning up the wiring in my 97 2.5, 4cyl 5spd manual. And now Jeep won’t start, the blue, white, red and black wire and coming from the firewall on the driver side. Does anyone know what they connect to? I’m think this could be my issue
  5. 0

    Problem With Halo and Turn Signal Wiring

    Above is a video explaining the issues I’m having with the headlight and turn signal wirings
  6. E

    SOLD TJ/LJ Hardtop Harness Kit 82208907

    Something almost as rare as unobtanium … I have a Mopar Hard Top wiring harness for a TJ/LJ hard top. This is the kit that came with a stand-alone harness … it came off of a 2005 LJ. Switches, harness and squirt tube all included. Just need a water pump added to your stock washer bottle...
  7. Chillipepperv8buggy

    Looking for color code for dash and ignition switch

    I am in the process of building a buggy with a custom tube chassis and v8circumstances..... I've got most of everything put together but I'm to the point of trying to make it run. I'm running into some snags as far as the wiring and would like to know if you guys have any specific knolage on...
  8. R

    2008 Wrangler Rubicon Dash panel

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a dash panel wiring diagram for a 2008 Wrangler Rubicon. I need wires colors and speedometer plug electrical pins in a break down for back of panel for the speedometer and odometer. If wiring diagram showed all the dash panel's wire plugins and breakdown...
  9. JTR

    Need help diagnosing my TJ

    I have a 2004 TJ with the straight six manual transmission. Over the past couple of months my gauge cluster lights back lighting has been blinking on the left side once in a while. About a week and a half ago the dash does not light up when I turn on the headlights. All other indicator...
  10. N

    2002 TJ LED Upgrade Wiring Questions

    My TJ has all stock lighting. It does not have the DRL module/feature, or front fog lamps. There does seem to be a wiring harness with female plugs by the front turn signals under the fenders, but they are not hot when I pull out the Fog lamp switch on the headlight switch. Anyone have a tip...
  11. TreverStevens

    WTB: Sound bar wiring

    Looking for the wiring that runs from under the dash to the sound bar. PO cut mine out and just ran speaker wire to the speakers. Would like the stock wiring to have a functional overhead light as well.
  12. Theblkprl1999

    5.9 magnum swap help

    Alright guys. Getting ready to start a new project. A rhd 5.9 swap. I have a few things I can’t wrap my head around as of yet.. Backstory. I have a full running working (daily driver) donor vehicle 1999 Durango slt. With a 5.9 Planning on putting the entire drivetrain minus tcase into my...
  13. Kurt_S

    How to connect wiring to soundbar plug?

    I bought a stock soundbar for my '97 which never had one and found the connector on amazon. Can someone point me to a video on how to connect the wires to it? I found the wire order on the forum, but not sure how of the rest. How far back to I strip the wires and should this be soldered?
  14. S

    LED Tail Light Wiring - 2006 TJ

    Can anyone help me with which wires go to which? Diagram and color coding attached.
  15. S

    2006 Tail Light Wiring for LED Swap

    Passenger Jeep tail light wires: - Green/white - Yellow/white - Red/brown Driver Jeep tail light wires: - Green/white - Yellow/white - Red/brown - Green/red On LED tail light (Rugged Ridge), I have the following wires: - Green - Red - Black What goes to what? Help!?!?
  16. Scholar72

    Swapped heater core and now have issues

    Hey folks! I did it! I swapped out the heater core on my 97 TJ 2.5! Put everything back together and now my gauges don’t work, blinkers blink along with the high beam light on the instrument cluster, That’s when the lights are turned off. The headlights running lights and turn signals all work...
  17. doc54

    Wiring KC Apollo Pro 6" Halogens to Factory Fog Light Switch?

    I ordered some KCHiLites 6" Apollo Pro lights to mount on my A-pillar/cowl. I was wondering if it would be possible to use the supplied KC wiring harness (with relay) and simply connect it to the factory fog light switch on the bezel (I have removed the OEM fog lights and will not be using...
  18. H

    TJ hard top conversion wiring

    Hello my friends, I'm putting a post together in regards to doing a hard top conversion. I've found a ton of information on this thread here going over all the necessary steps to make the swap as far as the harness's go. Given you have all of the parts you need, I wanted to put something...
  19. J

    Help! Jeep Wrangler 99' TJ Headlight wiring issue

    Help! My 1999 TJ had a headlight randomly go out and when I went to change it I realized the wiring was corroded. I have someone who can fix it but I am not sure what part I need to buy as I am not the most knowledged when it comes to wiring parts. I tried researching it but most videos/forums...
  20. Winks42

    Dash lights going crazy

    Well as a pulled into my driveway my dash lights went crazy. Didn't hit a bump or anything. I fixed it by turning my turn signal left but was wonder what caused this or what needs replaced as I assume this will happen again