1. N

    2002 TJ LED Upgrade Wiring Questions

    My TJ has all stock lighting. It does not have the DRL module/feature, or front fog lamps. There does seem to be a wiring harness with female plugs by the front turn signals under the fenders, but they are not hot when I pull out the Fog lamp switch on the headlight switch. Anyone have a tip...
  2. TreverStevens

    WTB: Sound bar wiring

    Looking for the wiring that runs from under the dash to the sound bar. PO cut mine out and just ran speaker wire to the speakers. Would like the stock wiring to have a functional overhead light as well.
  3. Theblkprl1999

    5.9 magnum swap help

    Alright guys. Getting ready to start a new project. A rhd 5.9 swap. I have a few things I can’t wrap my head around as of yet.. Backstory. I have a full running working (daily driver) donor vehicle 1999 Durango slt. With a 5.9 Planning on putting the entire drivetrain minus tcase into my...
  4. Fnoflyfish

    How to connect wiring to soundbar plug?

    I bought a stock soundbar for my '97 which never had one and found the connector on amazon. Can someone point me to a video on how to connect the wires to it? I found the wire order on the forum, but not sure how of the rest. How far back to I strip the wires and should this be soldered?
  5. S

    LED Tail Light Wiring - 2006 TJ

    Can anyone help me with which wires go to which? Diagram and color coding attached.
  6. S

    2006 Tail Light Wiring for LED Swap

    Passenger Jeep tail light wires: - Green/white - Yellow/white - Red/brown Driver Jeep tail light wires: - Green/white - Yellow/white - Red/brown - Green/red On LED tail light (Rugged Ridge), I have the following wires: - Green - Red - Black What goes to what? Help!?!?
  7. Scholar72

    Swapped heater core and now have issues

    Hey folks! I did it! I swapped out the heater core on my 97 TJ 2.5! Put everything back together and now my gauges don’t work, blinkers blink along with the high beam light on the instrument cluster, That’s when the lights are turned off. The headlights running lights and turn signals all work...
  8. doc54

    Wiring KC Apollo Pro 6" Halogens to Factory Fog Light Switch?

    I ordered some KCHiLites 6" Apollo Pro lights to mount on my A-pillar/cowl. I was wondering if it would be possible to use the supplied KC wiring harness (with relay) and simply connect it to the factory fog light switch on the bezel (I have removed the OEM fog lights and will not be using...
  9. H

    TJ hard top conversion wiring

    Hello my friends, I'm putting a post together in regards to doing a hard top conversion. I've found a ton of information on this thread here going over all the necessary steps to make the swap as far as the harness's go. Given you have all of the parts you need, I wanted to put something...
  10. J

    Help! Jeep Wrangler 99' TJ Headlight wiring issue

    Help! My 1999 TJ had a headlight randomly go out and when I went to change it I realized the wiring was corroded. I have someone who can fix it but I am not sure what part I need to buy as I am not the most knowledged when it comes to wiring parts. I tried researching it but most videos/forums...
  11. Winks42

    Dash lights going crazy

    Well as a pulled into my driveway my dash lights went crazy. Didn't hit a bump or anything. I fixed it by turning my turn signal left but was wonder what caused this or what needs replaced as I assume this will happen again
  12. GVMotoring

    Auxiliary wiring help (Optima yellow top died on me)

    Hey everyone, Hope all are well and staying warm! My TJ's battery died this morning and when I tried to jump it, it won't even turn over. Context: I have an Optima Yellow top which I bought in October 2020 (so it's only 4 months old). I have my Smitty Built 10k lb winch directly wired to it...
  13. 06GreenTJ

    Center console sub issue

    I have the new center console sub installed and wired up, but nothing is happening.
  14. Jordan K.

    Looking for DRL/Turn Signal Pigtail for fender install

    I just picked up some tube fenders for my 97 TJ and grabbed some of these LED lights to pop into the holes in the fenders. I'd Love to not hack up the factory wiring harness. Does anyone have a source for getting spare of these connectors so I can wire my new turn signals and other future front...
  15. Shannon Neal

    Bad injector driver in PCM

    I've got a 97 Tj 2.5l. I just swapped out my injectors to some 19lb four holes. Got everything installed, fired up and ran amazingly smooth. Went down the road and noticed after about a 1/4 throttle the jeep kind of fell on it's face. Seemed awfully sluggish. Would clear up and gain power as I...
  16. Winks42

    Speaker plug help

    Hey guys, these are the plugs for the top/overhead speaker. The person before me put a new radio in but the connections are different. I can’t find any adapters or the name of the one connector. Do they look familiar? Thanks
  17. Mr Valmonty

    Wiring diagram for Japanese 1999 TJ Wrangler

    Hey guys. Relatively new here. I got a tidy 1999 Japanese import TJ a few months ago. I really enjoy it - except the electronics are very dated. I have a radio, speakers, amp and sub ready to install. I also have a set of LED front headlights ready to go. Rear lights will be here soon...
  18. T

    98 TJ Instrument Cluster issue

    If this has already been discussed in detail or in another thread I don't mind someone linking me to it but if not I have a serious issue. My instrument cluster on my 98 TJ has been working fine since the day I drove it home but about a week ago things started to go south. At first the speedo...
  19. S

    Building my own TJ wiring harness

    I've started a 1999 Jeep TJ rebuild project and I'm attempting to complete it with "mostly" new parts from the ground up. One thing I never see on any TJ projects (YouTube or forums) is the replacing of the original wiring and/or harnesses, why? My wires look so ratty & dirty (3rd) so...
  20. MountainTJ

    Order of wires at the back o the HVAC selector switch

    Fixing some old wiring. Can someone tell me the order of the wires at the back of the selector switch? And at the blower motor, does the black wire go to the battery or back into the harness? Chasing down some very old problems that the PO seemed to have figured out but isn't around anymore...