1. Schwifty Rich

    What do these wires go to?!

    I just got a 2003 Rubicon and was trying to clean it out. I took out the center console pieces and was about to start hosing it out and i noticed there are 2 wires that don't connect to anything. I think one is supposed to connect to the E brake because it doesn't beep or light up when engaged...
  2. M

    CB Installation

    Let's see pictures of your CB install, including antenna placement. I'm thinking about putting the antenna above the licence plate, but have heard that blocks the signal. Wiring the CB direct to battery. I have the hand-held version, Cobra.
  3. B

    Automatic Transmission Isn't Shifting

    Jeep TJ 2000 4 Banger I'm going to list my symptoms and what I've replaced, let me know if you can suggest what might be the problem. So I recently had a newly rebuilt engine put in and had basically everything inside replaced. So my guess is that it is a wiring issue instead of a...
  4. cclarke802

    Firewall pass-through for wiring

    Anyone have any experience with the best place to pass wires through the firewall in an 03 tj with an automatic transmission? Need to run some wiring for switches, and it has to be large enough for a cb antennae wire to go through.
  5. dylansalrin

    Calling all electrical experts

    I just ordered a new stereo head unit that has a big display and comes with a backup camera. I dont want to mount it behind me as I will never use it so instead I want to mount it right under my front bumper facing the front so I can use it on dry off roading trips to see any obstacles i might...