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Is Blaine an asshole

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Am I in bizarro world!? Most threads eventually turn into a “Blaines an asshole”thread at some point. Yet the Blaines an asshole thread has turned into a fucking love fest. 🤢🤮

Some threads start in Off Topic, some threads just become off topic.

This thread is working on doing both.
I have some combination of three outcomes when I read a Blaine post:

1) I laugh hard and out loud. He is funny and doesn't get enough recognition for it;
2) I am like the Grinch puzzling and puzzling some more because I just don't have enough experience to solve his riddles; and
3) I am grateful because I learned something I could never know on my own without a lot more trial and error--for which I just don't have enough time.

If that all comes with some nicks and bruises, so be it.
I was actually being complementary, I have learned a few things from you. And thanks for that.
While I don't think you complete me, (I love a good spelling mistake that really changes the meaning in a fun way) the reason I ask is I'm more than a bit fond of our northern brotherhood due to many years of friendship with many. However, on here and most other internet locales, I tend to rub them the wrong way and they tend to be a bit prickish.
I'll bet it was the Canadian who voted Yes out of politeness.
One thing that I really enjoy is someone that publicly touts a very staunch viewpoint and then violates it at practically every turn. That is phenomenal cannon fodder for lots of teasing and ribbing. You are a self proclaimed Luddite yet you post up examples contrary to that belief system often enough that giving you shit for it isn't even standing on your tippy toes to get the fruit, it all hangs lower. You lob a softball over the plate slow enough, it is irresistible to swing away. You're also a bit more tender than I gave you credit for being the real life equivalent of "A Boy Named Sue".
Not exactly. I'm no luddite - I made my living in high tech my entire life, and I enjoy/like tech. What I don't like is stupid tech, un-necessary tech, poorly implemented tech, overpriced tech, and most especially tech designed to empty my wallet. Smartphones and touchscreens in dashboards are but two examples. There's a time and place for most things, but touchscreens don't belong in my dashboard and smartphones are incredibly bad tech for reasons I've elucidated elsewhere.

Be that as it may - as I said in another thread, I've been using, programming, building and even designing computers and computer hardware/software for long before most folks had ever seen one. "This ain't it" - much of the software being written today is incredibly bad. My programming knowledge is 99% obsolete, but the methodology to write good software hasn't changed - they're all Von Neumann Machines, although I actually wrote a small amount of software for a Harvard architecture system once upon a time.

Same goes for GPS for that matter - I've used those all the way back to the old one channel Magellans. I own 4 or 5 computers, some of them are even up to date. I have the usual plethora of CD/DVD players, a Kindle (which I *LOVE*), etc, etc. Yet I get called a "Luddite" because I won't buy into the whole smartphone nonsense or the lunacy of dashboard computers.

I don't pigeonhole well, because I don't buy anybody's "entire package" - be that politics, religion, technology, cars, guns, clothing (!!), what have you. I pick and choose what makes sense to me, and let the rest go by - until someone wants to poke at me about it! ;) Much like Blaine, come to think of it! :D
The solar panels were not the sole means of power, I didn't feel like pointing that out since I assumed you were smarter than than and just got confused.

All I was suggesting is the current storage for bunker oil was lots of size and weight and with solar panel back up to recharge, while slow, is much better than nothing. But yeah, 2400 hp equivalent is a bit sad although the technology will keep improving.
Agreed. I'd like to see solar panels on cars - but the same math applies there too, unfortunately.
He is from Canada. He is nice, its what they do. Dont be an asshole to a Canadian. They dont understand it.
I'm well aware of how nice they are. Been friends with several over the years which is why I get confused over the ones who aren't friendly.
Spend some time playing hockey or baseball with them or deal with the border patrol currently and you will find they are not as nice as they would have you believe.
A boy named Sue, now that’s a classic!
Snort! Naw, just a Belly Dancer named Zorba! That goes into the whole "I don't buy the entire package from anyone on any subject" thing. Who says men can't Belly Dance or wear skirts? After all, we have women who are welders and wear pants! Blah, blah, blah...
I thought you said this thread sucks and were leaving? Why did you come back? Stay gone.

Dude, Im sorry, all this Mr Blaine talk has me doing things thats not my normal.
It's a train wreck with you stuck on the tracks with a ball can I leave?