California NorCal Jeep adventures!

Wish I could make it but with a 3 day weekend I already have plans. Let me know what are the good non brushy trails, as I can get up that way in late April or May. Thanks.
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I dont think I'll be able to make it. Unfortunately, I don't think ill get a test run in before Moab.

I'm looking forward to @plumbers's slick rock/dv run though.
No worries. Ill be able to make the SR/DV so looking forward to it!
@DylanM345, I've got too much going this weekend with honey do's and finishing up with my RV, so I'll have to bail on Cow. If you go, I can try to reach you on the radio when you get up the mountain. We should have no problem bouncing off the Konocti repeater for comms.
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So did you really sell your Jeep? I don’t trust anything posted on the internet yesterday.
Hey where is your Jeep ?

Well, I just got home from 18 hour work day, delivered Oakland then went to a truck that broke down and switched the load then did 17 more stops in SF. Shit traffic leaving SF at 3 🤪

Tomorrow wife and I are heading up some mountains and we are trying our hands in a new endeavor.... if it pans out I’ll post some picks 😉
We probably walked 1-2 miles up this creek. Man I’m out of shape.
Found lots of iron but that’s about it
Sold my Jeep last weekend but looking for something else right now. As soon as I got a 4wd will be back in action ...

Honestly could not figure out how to do a PM - lol - I guess I'm too old to figure this out.
I just built up a new Jl and am selling my old TJ if you're interested.
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