1. pc1p

    SOLD Savvy LED Taillights

    Savvy Tails - in good working and physical condition. I've decided to go with the QT LED tails so that I can put my license plate back to the factory location. I really want to hook up my backup camera and the spot in the center of the tire carrier is really the only good option (so I back up to...
  2. 2

    LED Headlights and Right Turn Signal Indicator (hyper flashing)

    I have an 05 TJ and put in LED headlamps only (I did not install any other LEDs except the 2 head lights). Now, the right turn signal indicator stays lit, and I get hyper flashing on the right side. I was told that it is b/c the current is lower voltage with the LED headlights, and since the...
  3. mateocubillos

    Switchback LED problem

    I have an 05 sport, I ordered these switchback lights because guy in the phone said they’d work (obviously didn’t) Switchback LED turn signal When I called back a different guy said it’s because the rubicons come stock with a different circuit that allows a separate DRL for the LED in a dual...
  4. mateocubillos

    Side marker upgrade

    I recently wired in new headlights that have a halo that taps into the turn signal and the normal bulbs on the side marker turn signals have been driving me crazy.. I’ve read up on the necessary steps for LED’s and stuff. In an ideal world I’d like to have clear housing with an led white DRL...
  5. N

    2002 TJ LED Upgrade Wiring Questions

    My TJ has all stock lighting. It does not have the DRL module/feature, or front fog lamps. There does seem to be a wiring harness with female plugs by the front turn signals under the fenders, but they are not hot when I pull out the Fog lamp switch on the headlight switch. Anyone have a tip...
  6. DjSoundScan

    Looking for similar headlights

    hey everyone, im looking for similar headlights that i had previously bought 5 years ago. if anyone knows where i can find a pair please let me know. these are the specs of these headlights: LED Headlight Features: Plug &Play, LED Ballast, LED Canbus Ready (Built-In) & H4/H13 Adapter Included...
  7. Iamsolow

    LED instrument cluster changeover

    Hello all, Newb here. (I just wanted to see how deep this rabbit hole goes) so after installation of new LEDs for my TJ cluster, I’m having trouble getting them to light up once the cluster is plugged back in completely. All fuses are good, my issue is, when I plug the multi-pin connectors back...
  8. Jsubiono808

    Jeep TJ Lighting Issue

    Aloha, I'm currently having a lighting issue with my Jeep TJ. I have recently installed full metal fenders and replaced the turning signals with the small amber 3 wire round light. In doing this I had gotten rid of the side turning signal, leaving me with just the front turning signal/running...
  9. Y

    Another LED Headlight Post: Heated JW Speaker, Heated Trucklite, Color Temperature, and Vendors

    INTRO I have read nearly every LED headlight post and comments section since 2012 for TJs (and JKs unintentionally) and there is some info I'm having a difficult time tracking down. Best price, verified vendors, and color temperature of the lights. This post is also a writeup as a summary of...
  10. S

    LED Tail Light Wiring - 2006 TJ

    Can anyone help me with which wires go to which? Diagram and color coding attached.
  11. S

    2006 Tail Light Wiring for LED Swap

    Passenger Jeep tail light wires: - Green/white - Yellow/white - Red/brown Driver Jeep tail light wires: - Green/white - Yellow/white - Red/brown - Green/red On LED tail light (Rugged Ridge), I have the following wires: - Green - Red - Black What goes to what? Help!?!?
  12. Ludogsonthemoon

    Plug and play LED headlights?

    Can someone recommend a plug and play set of LED headlights? Do they exist or will I have to mess wiring?
  13. Nipple Nibler

    Can someone tell me the name of these headlights or where I can find them

    I really want these headlights for my lj
  14. Jeepnmon

    SOLD Quadratec LED Tail Lights for 1991-1997 Jeep Wrangler YJ/TJ

    I have a set of LED tail lights from Quadratec for sale that I purchased to use on my TJ. However, when I went to install them they could not be used along with the tail light guards I was using with the stock tail light housings. I have since sold my TJ and no longer need these lights. The LED...
  15. KingCarGuyZ

    SOLD Headlights and LED anti-flicker harness.

    Stock “Wagner” sealed beam halogens and Sunpie LED anti-flicker harness. Free to a good home, Willing to ship on your dime, they would probably fit in a Med. flat-rate box. I think I also have a set of stock chrome trim rings if someone needs those to. upgraded to LED’s and no-longer need...
  16. E

    SOLD KC Gravity G34 Driving Beam Light

    For sale a pair of KC Gravity G34 LED lights. This pair of Gravity lights is perfect in every way! Small, super bright (these things are really, really bright) and weather proof. I had these on my windshield mounts for about four and a half months or so. Haven't been used much really...
  17. S

    LED signals gone haywire

    Hey Jeepers, new to the site, but seeing if i can scavenge up some advice. I've replaced the 2 pairs of turn signals up front and the brake and reverse lights in back with LEDs. Also replaced stock flasher relay with EP26 relay (same 4 pin design as stock). With everything off, the hazards work...
  18. dom.robles

    Lightbar suggestions

    I recently bought a 99 tj with my brother and the past few days we've been working to get into good shape for our purpose. The end goal is extended overland trips as well as leisurely offroading and plenty of night trips. I've been looking for the best option for us. We'd like to get a lightbar...
  19. TJh00ker

    Non-blinding headlight options?

    I’m wondering if anyone has had luck finding headlights that aren’t too bright. To each their own, but I live in Chicago and do not need super bright headlights. IMO, that’s why you get flood lights. I remember in the military they would put a strip of black tape/black paint horizontally in the...
  20. jazngab

    SOLD Trucklite knock off headlights $50

    Selling my Trucklite knock off LED headlights. These are the headlights that are ran on their TJs by many members on this forum. Here is the link to the thread: https://wranglertjforum.com/threads/replaced-headlights-with-truck-lite-knockoffs.6239/ Had them on my Jeep for less than a year. I...