1. XCRN

    How To LS Swap Your TJ

    Will add pictures, typed this on my computer and all my photos are on my phone so ill go back and edit them in. I will also be adding info as subjects come up and I do more of these. So you want to go to the dark side discombobulate your TJ and throw a LS motor in your rig? Well its not that...
  2. Rdelcampo19

    Will a 0331 TUPY head from a 2004 TJ work on a 1999 XJ 4.0 block?

    How’s it going, quick question. Trying to build a 4.0 to have as a spare for my 04 TJ. I picked up a good 115k mi. 4.0 block that was originally from a 99 XJ. I’m trying to find a head and found a 0331 “TUPY” head from a 04 TJ, would that head work? ** Side note: any guides or pointers would be...
  3. Theblkprl1999

    Ccd pci v8 question. Please help!!

    So having a hard time figuring out what to do. Donor 99 durango ccd 5.9 motor and trans. Into a 2004 pci Tj I have access to an entire 99 ccd Tj for wiring. I mean everything. (Gutting for a simple buggy refresh.) Question is. What to do about swap wiring. Do I use the entire Durango...
  4. Theblkprl1999

    5.9 magnum swap help

    Alright guys. Getting ready to start a new project. A rhd 5.9 swap. I have a few things I can’t wrap my head around as of yet.. Backstory. I have a full running working (daily driver) donor vehicle 1999 Durango slt. With a 5.9 Planning on putting the entire drivetrain minus tcase into my...
  5. freedom_in_4low

    NSG370 to AX15 swap

    starting this thread to document my swap instead of doing it after the fact when my memory is fuzzy. Background: my NSG370 pops out of reverse. In street use it's tolerable but it's exacerbated when backing against any resistance, such as uphill (like the 8% grade on my driveway) or if a tire...
  6. S

    2006 Tail Light Wiring for LED Swap

    Passenger Jeep tail light wires: - Green/white - Yellow/white - Red/brown Driver Jeep tail light wires: - Green/white - Yellow/white - Red/brown - Green/red On LED tail light (Rugged Ridge), I have the following wires: - Green - Red - Black What goes to what? Help!?!?
  7. toverbey21

    99' to 02' 4.0L

    Good Morning Guys, i have a buddy that is getting rid of a 2002 4.0L motor due to coolant in the oil. motor was pulled and a full swap was done on his. so the motor has harness, ecu, and complete 141k motor. I have a 99 with somewhere around 170k 4.0. Both motors were/are paired to 5 speeds...
  8. FarminAg

    Has anyone ever swapped axles from Rubicon to Sport and Sport to Rubicon?

    Anyone ever swap axles between a Rubicon and Sport and put the Dana 30/d35s in the rubicon? I have access to a rubicon and the owner doesn't care about lockers and Dana 44. I have a sport and would love to do a direct swap. Anyone have experience doing this type of trade and making both jeeps run...
  9. R

    97 TJ alternator swap question

    Hey there, I'm new here and this is my first thread post. I turned 19 recently and my parents got me a 97 TJ for my first vehicle. Its a standard Sahara, green with a tan hard top. I love it dearly, but lately its been having some minor issues that I have been able to fix for myself. Now though...
  10. C

    TJ 4.0 Swap to 5.3

    I've been looking into swapping a 5.3 Gen 3 engine to my 99 Jeep 4.0 Thinking of keeping the AX15 Transmission and Original Gauges. It is A LOT of work for sure to do all this, any of you know who does these kinds of swaps around DMV area? And how much? TIA
  11. KarlTJ

    Questions about Borg Warner T18 transmission swap

    Hello!, my name is Karl I live in Quito Ecuador, and wanted to ask from the Jeep guys a question. I live in Quito Ecuador and I'm after a Jeep TJ 4.0L, I found one that is in very good condition but the problem is that it had a transmission swap. If you guys could help me out with some questions...
  12. Michael Wyrick

    Project Adventure Machine

    Howdy Everyone, Hopefully this is the right place to post this... I am about to start my dream jeep build. My wife and I love to travel all over in our jeep and want to create a Ultimate Adventure Vehicle which we can eventually use with our kids. Goal is to make it Reliable, Safe, and better...
  13. ShaneMK

    1998 Jeep Wrangler 2.5l Manual Engine Swap

    I have a 1998 Jeep Wrangler with a 2.5l with a manual transmission. I think I’m going to swap the engine, I’m going to put a stroked 4.0l so around a 4.7l. I was just getting y’all opinions about everything I will need to do. I know I’ll need a new ecu, wiring harness (harness needs to have...
  14. Will’s TJ

    Super 35 Kit or axle swap worth it?

    My TJ has the Dana 35 and 30 and I want to run 35s. My question is, can I get away with this combo? I would also upgrade brakes and steering because those aren’t as expensive. The Jeep mostly sees forest service roads and mud, so no heavy wheeling.
  15. Oreyca

    Novak block hugger headers for a Gen III swap?

    I was wondering if any of you have used the Novak block hugger headers for a TJ Gen lll swap? If so, have they been reliable, leak free and have you been generally happy with them after putting some miles and years on them? So that's the primary question but to expand a bit if you care to read...
  16. tagunz

    NP242 Transfer Case Swap?

    Okay guys, looking to collect the pooled wisdom of those on this forum, as I may be attempting something in possibly unexplored territory. SKIP TO THIRD PARAGRAPH FOR THE ACTUAL INQUIRY Backstory: When I first got my 5spd 2000 TJ Sport about 5 months ago, it had dangerously bald tires but I...
  17. Zedd

    WTB: Swap 2003 for 2002 hardtop?

    I’ve got a great condition 2003 hardtop but I need a 2002. Anyone wanna swap?😂😭
  18. AWC4216

    Rear differential solutions

    Looking for some advice. I have a 99 Sahara on 33's, 4.5" suspension lift, 1" body lift with Dana 35. I was attempting to teach my wife to drive a stick Thursday evening, she kind of held the brake while letting off the clutch, then pop goes the rear diff. (Not her fault or anything, that's...
  19. R

    2.5 engine swap: Engine won't run after swap

    Hi All, I posted a while back about recommendations as to why my 97 wouldn't run. A mechanic took a look and diagnosed the camshaft as bad. So, I found a 98 wrangler Tj with a 2.5 and decided that would be a perfect switch. We now have the 98 motor moved over into the 97 frame, all hooked up...
  20. Chaloux

    Looking for advice on a 4 cylinder to 6 cylinder swap

    First off I would like to apologize if there are any other threads that already covered this topic I was having trouble searching them. So long story short I purchased two Jeeps for an absolute steal 1 Jeep is a 1998 TJ with the 4.0 and a 5-speed transmission with roughly 70,000 miles problem...