track bar

  1. owenjan11

    1997 TJ 4.0 front end rattle after steering upgrades

    My brother and I purchased the jeep back in early 2020, the owner before us did some modifications but many have stopped working and/or caused other systems to falter. We've been hearing a loud ticking noise in the front axle , we replaced the drivers side u joint (which was broken) but the...
  2. PurpleTJAZ

    SOLD Metalcloak Jeep TJ/lj/xj Track Bar

    New they are $180.00 asking $125.00. Any shipping would be at buyers expense. Used but in excellent condition. Bushings and Heim joints are tight with all hardware included. I received this as part of a package deal with some other Jeep parts but don't need this. Message me with any...
  3. M

    Rear differential problem or other?

    Hey Jeepers. 2005 Rubicon TJ, Auto w/ 152k. Here is my issue: Lately I've been feeling a loud clunk when turning namely left. Well it's more of a snap feeling and sound. So. The other day I was driving home and the "rear lock" light began flashing on the dash. I pulled over and this stopped...
  4. G

    Help identifying torx bolt on 2004 TJ

    Hi everyone, finally bought a jeep and I am new to some of the mechanical aspects. I am going though replacing the shocks and fixing the steering up. I found this star/Torx bolt on the back drivers side and it seems very loose. the plate that it runs though squeak incesently while I am driving...
  5. Bgilson

    Rear track bar or something different?

    When I bought this jeep it needed new tires. I noticed the passenger side tires were more offset then the driver side. I was putting new tires and wheels on so wasnt a big deal. Got the new tires on and noticed the passenger rear was sticking out more than the front. Asked a couple people and...
  6. bobsxlch

    Track bar bushings or new track bar?

    Yesterday I had posted a question about things to address while we have our fuel tank out and the track bar bushings came up. Anyhow, I have 3 options, replace the bushings, replace the track bar that has new bushings or replace the bar with a beefier adjustable track bar. My question is, what's...
  7. TreverStevens

    Kansas IRO adjustable track bar

    I bought a Iron Rock Off-road double shear adjustable front track bar but went a different route. Never installed (I did put anti-seize on the threads already), I have all the hardware. Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Slicknick630

    Is my pitman arm and track bar too close?

    Ok so I just installed a new track bar and track bar bracket in the Jeep. I have a teraflex high steer setup and a rough country drop pitman arm. I am not trying to get into a debate about having a drop pitman or not or what you think about RE track bars and there brackets or any other brands. I...
  9. TreverStevens

    Rear track bar alignment

    I’ve tried adjusting my JKS rear track bar a couple times now because it’s making contact with both my Barnes 8.8 truss and the fuel tank skid. When I initially installed it I even notched the fuel tank skid to help. Only it didn’t really help. What’s causing this issue and how do I correct it?
  10. J

    Help with the track bar on my TJ

    Hello all, new to the group but I've used it as a resource a lot the last several months. I bought an 04 LJ a few months ago and have been slowly replacing things that are worn out. When I test drove it everything was pretty loose and my steering wheel had a lot of play. I planned to replace the...
  11. greyghost_lj

    Upper Track Bar Hole Too Big

    So I've got to replace my bent trackbar. I ordered a JKS OGS125 Adjustable Track Bar. Problem is I forgot I had to drill out the frame side upper track bar hole to 5/8 for the bent track bar and the new one has a 9/16 bolt. Is there some kind of bracket I can get to adapt this? I've seen...
  12. greyghost_lj

    Pitman arm angle with wheels straight

    Is this pitman arm angle correct? My thought is that it should be parallel with the body of the Jeep but I have no idea really. I’m trying to track down the cause of my steering stabilizer rubbing against my track bar. Not sure if this is related at all. Please let me know of any issues you...
  13. EZ_Wrangler

    Where do I buy tapered sleeve for frame side track bar?

    Frame side mount is wallowed out. Need a tapered sleeve for a temporary fix. Any ideas?
  14. EZ_Wrangler

    Track bar tie rod end missing washers

    Long story short; Took the TJ to the shop for an alignment (I know, I know. I could do it myself. But I was in a crunch). ANYWAY, they said they couldn’t do it for 2 reasons. 1) “Track bar is loose” - their explanation was there was play in the tie rod end of the track bar (the driver side...
  15. LJBrix

    Rancho track bar doesn't quite fit

    So I'm a new Jeep owner and I'm getting my feet wet in mods. I have a 2004 LJ sport. The previous owner put a 2" spring and shock lift on and I'd begun to feel some wobble around 50 mph. From the research I had done I believed it was the track bar and went ahead and bought a Rancho 2-6"...
  16. BigYellah

    I Need Help Identifying Front Steering Components From Previous Owner

    Please help! Hi everyone! I just bought the Jeep about 2 and a half weeks ago, after thinking about one for years. I absolutely love it, it only has 73k miles, no body rust, and an unreal solid frame for the north east (which I just POR15'd after lots of thread reading!)... However, it needs...
  17. ejrobert

    Which track bar do I need for my LJ?

    Hello, I'm relatively new to the forum and this is my first post asking a question, so please be gentle. BLUF: Which track bar do I need in order to replace the one I have? I've already ordered the wrong one (with ball joint, doesn't work for my setup, rookie mistake). I'll be returning that...
  18. fooey

    Track bar hitting Savvy gas tank skid

    I recently installed a Savvy gas tank skid and being a lazy ass didn't cycle my suspension afterwards. Driving around last weekend I went over a big bump and heard a terrible thud. This morning I pulled the springs and jacked up the rear and found the interference. The middle-ish part of the...
  19. Matthias13

    Front coils rubbing and trackbar hitting diff

    05 LJ, multi part issue here: 1. Front coils seem to rub on the lower perches, as well as the the other spot circled in red on the passenger side. Are these factory spring seats? The swaybar links look weird and extended compared to other TJs I've seen. 2. Track bar appears to be hitting the...
  20. C

    What should I change next to make my TJ drive better?

    I have a 5 inch lift on my 98 Jeep Wrangler tj. I have recently started to improve my lift so it would drive better. I started with the front lowers control arms. I figured it was time for something else to be added. What should I change next? Rear upper control arms or the front track bar is...