1. L

    How bad is this rust?

    Hi I am preparing for winter with some por 15 and Eastwood internal frame coating and I found some pretty bad rust spots on my passenger side of my frame is this safe to drive with? How should I go about treating this.
  2. L

    Help! Oil pan / transmission leaking?

    Hi I looked under my jeep today and it looked as if the oil pan and the transmission was sweating? Can anyone help me with this I have a 98 tj 4.0 3 speed auto, I know these pictures aren't that good but it's because they're screenshots of a video I took of it please help me fast
  3. lrb6805

    CEL Throwing Codes and Start Issue

    Hey Guys, My jeep is having starting issues, hopefully someone here has had a similar issue or can offer some solutions. I last drove my jeep ('06 LJ, 81K miles) on Friday when I parked it at a buddy's place to go out of town for the weekend. Came back a few hours ago, hopped in my jeep and...
  4. 0

    04 tj clunks in the front end and is a monster to steer down the highway

    04 tj bone stock. Brand new ball joints, lower control arm bushings, tie rod ends, new track bar and Handles horribly down the highway and I can hear a clunk from the front end when hitting bumps and also my steering wheel likes to jump back and forth in my hand. Is this the upper control arm...
  5. YoungMechanicAlex

    fixing up the jeep, got some questions

    Hey fellow jeep owners! i'm new to the forum so bare with me! I Just have some questions regarding my jeep and some issues I came across. Any help/Advice is very much appreciated. 2000 Jeep Sahara TJ 4.0 I6 Issue # ONE: my clutch {recently} completely gave out/fried. I am currently...
  6. Sianna

    Can't figure out what is wrong with my jeep!

    I have an 01 Jeep Wrangler sport(manual). It is on 35's and has a 4 in lift. Every time I shift it throws the jeep to the right really hard. Also it shakes VERY bad and you are never able to keep it straight. It is very hard to control the steering and is getting scary to drive. Another thing...
  7. danny123

    Cool Video

    Hey guys so I decided to offer a little tour of my jeep,I made a video about it! hope you guys can enjoy!
  8. Bekka

    2007 manual wrangler Sahara

  9. danny123

    Just Crashed My TJ.

    Alright so to start off I don't know much about jeeps or even cars. I was involved in a driving accident and I know my jeep was damaged. What can I do about the paint job? I just don't know what specifically is wrong. Please help me, thank you
  10. Blackout

    For you manual jeepers i have a question

    Hello, i am currently stumped trying to figure out what this is before i drop my transmission. Or if it is really something to worry about, my clutch pedal when i drive my jeep for a bit and everything warms up when i push down on the pedal or release it, i get this creaking sound. Im attaching...
  11. R

    Lift Help! BB vs Coils

    I want my TJ lifted when I get home from school this summer and am trying to decide on the right lift. Right now its either a RC 2in BB, Teraflex 2in BB, or a RC 2.5in w/ coils and shocks. I want to run 32s ( I would like 33s but that's pushing it). It is only a DD so I don't need much added...