lift kit recommendation

  1. Natedog444

    What else will I need for a 2.5" lift?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 2.5" Quadratec lift with the fox shocks and am planning to install it soon. I am aware that I will probably need an SYE and a CV rear driveshaft, but I am unsure of anything else I may need such as extended brake lines or new control arms. I currently have a 2"...
  2. jmess

    Simple 2" Lift for Mall Crawler

    Hi Forum. I recently picked up a 2206 jeep wrangler tj x off of a grandpa with only 70k miles ):). I want to keep it pretty close to stock and use it for around-town driving. It's similar to my other one with the I6, 3speed auto, and 3.73 gears. The Person who has it before put on a body lift...
  3. Fletcher

    Cherry gets a makeover

    First Post/Thread Disclaimer (proceed at your own risk): ~~~ Purchase Date: 2021.02.09 ~~~ ~~~ Latest Update: 2021.04.08 ~~~ I'm a first-time TJ owner, so this is all new to me. I'm pretty comfortable working on vehicles (mostly chevy/dodge trucks so far, but I've taken to it pretty quickly)...
  4. Carsten737

    Rancho9000xl Lift Problem

    Howdy Yall, I’m new to posting to the Jeep forums while not to reading them ahah. I have a 1999 TJ 2.5l Manual, I am running 31 KO2’s with Rancho9000xl Shocks, RS999128 front and RS999240 rear. My dad and I put those shocks on when we got the Jeep about a year ago. We got it stock with 83k on it...
  5. Lathimdalton

    Looking for a lift for my wrangler

    So im looking for a lift, between 3-4 closer to 4 inch lift kits. Also anyone have any insider info on who may have discounts on black Friday.
  6. T

    2.5” lift kit recommendations

    Hey ya'll I want to lift my 1998 tj 2.5 I found this for a reasonable price because i'm on a budget I was wondering if any of ya'll have any recommendations or any advice. Also will it work with 31" tires? Thank you!!
  7. jmess

    Looking for suspension / lift recommendations

    Hi wranglertjfourm, this is my first post here and i need some advice on a future lift upgrade on my 2006 tj X with an auto tranny and the 4.0L. This will be the first mod on this cream puff 44000 mile jeep. I'm looking to put on 33" tires and i need suspension recommendations to comply. I went...
  8. Jakob McElhaney

    Help with 2 inch suspension lift

    I own a 1997 Jeep Tj with the inline 6, and the automatic transmission. I am running 31's on it right now. I am buying new tires soon but I was also wanting to do a 2" suspension lift since I am buying new tires. I am still planning on sticking with 31's. I am just wondering if there is...
  9. Abdallah Hatough

    2.5 OME lift: Can I do away with TC drop if I add a 1 MML?

    Im buying the OME 2.5" lift, and a 1 inch transmission drop is required for it, if i add a 1" MML could i do without the transmission drop?
  10. Gavin Pugh

    Advice / help with my build

    I need some advice and insight with my build. I am about a year into research and looking at different ways to build my tj. I want to do it right the first time and i am willing to put some $$$ into it. I want to eventually start crawling on light trails soon but i know its gonna take some...
  11. BJammin

    Lift Kit Questions

    Hey everybody, I have a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and I am trying to figure out which lift kit (2.5 or 4, etc.) I want to buy. I have BF Goodrich KO2's on the jeep now. I was thinking 3.5ish but I don't want to have to get a new driveshaft or any other mods like that. Just a good quality...
  12. Rycc449

    OME 2.5” lift or 2” lift?

    There’s been a high recommendation of the OME 2.5” kit from about everyone in the market for a smaller lift. I have only been able to find the 2” lift... is there a 2.5”?? Sorry guys relatively I’m new to Jeeps. My only thought is everyone is talking about the HD kit vs the regular duty kit...
  13. Z

    Best 4 inch lift

    I want to put a 4 inch lift on my 2000 tj and was just curious what lift y'all would recommend that's not crazy expensive but still handles well
  14. Patrick

    New to the jeep world

    So I'm gonna be getting a 97 model and I'm thinking about going the route of gettin a 4" suspension lift everybody is telling me to go short arm it's a daily driver but with my work schedule I only drive it 1 time every 2 weeks so gas mileage don't worry me my question is how big of tire can I...
  15. Phil Younger

    Recommendations On Lift Kit Please

    I need some help guys. I have an '06 LJ 6 cyl auto that I want to lift. I currently am running pretty new 31" tires and will remain with them for at least 2016. My intent is to never exceed 33" if I even do that (yeah- I know you will say I will go to 35"s but I will not). I only get off road...